Raising Capital from Family Offices

I am often asked by General Partners, which I will refer to as sponsors, for advice about raising money from family offices (“FOs”). Given the frequency of these conversations, I thought it would be helpful to have a written reference for raising capital from FOs. Much of what I will touch on won’t be novelContinue reading “Raising Capital from Family Offices”

Venture Capital and the Retail Investor

There is a segment of the technology and venture capital communities that believe a lack of access to the venture capital asset class is a major disadvantage to the individual investor. The story tends to go something along the lines that venture capital has tremendous returns and the barriers to investment are limiting the wealthContinue reading “Venture Capital and the Retail Investor”

The State of Family Offices 2020

This post is long overdue and was sitting mostly finished for several months. Life upheaval and burnout were impediments to delivering timely commentary on the UBS 2020 Global Family Office Report. We will cover the contents of the 2020 report, which I recommend reading if you are interested in family offices (“FOs”). All charts areContinue reading “The State of Family Offices 2020”

Why an Investing Family Office?

Today’s post is inspired by interactions on twitter over a period of several months. Given the opaque nature of many Family Offices (“FOs”), there are questions by some about why principals bother to build investment teams compared to outsourced solutions. The question has merit. We will be getting into a few of the potential reasonsContinue reading “Why an Investing Family Office?”

The State of Family Offices 2019

UBS publishes an informative report that surveys family offices (“FOs”) from around the world on a variety of topics including investments, governance, succession, cost structure, and philanthropy.  I’m slow to write about the contents of the report, but better late than never.  I’m sticking to areas where I can pretend to know what I’m talkingContinue reading “The State of Family Offices 2019”

Part Time Venture Capital: What Could Go Wrong?

This year I found myself having more discussions with teams at other family offices (“FOs”) about venture capital and how to best invest in the space.  My experience in these conversations is there is strong interest by FO teams, or the principals themselves, to begin investing directly in venture capital opportunities.  Venture is still aContinue reading “Part Time Venture Capital: What Could Go Wrong?”